Usability in software development projects

User Requirements

Often, the biggest challenge when designing a new IT system is correctly identifying the most important user requirements. The requirements should include information about how your users/customers intend to work with the system. This allows you to optimize the design to match their goals and tasks, making the software easier and more intuitive to use.

  • Do you know what your users/customers think of your IT system?
  • What usability improvements would they like to see?
  • By undertaking an independent usability survey we will help you to focus your efforts on the changes that really matter.

User Testing

Human Applications have different approaches to test the usability of your IT systems. In all cases we will deliver a detailed assessment of the impact of usability problems we find and we’ll recommend options for how you can fix the problems.

  • Expert walkthrough. A structured usability walkthrough of a prototype or existing system to quickly identify major usability pitfalls and recommend the most important enhancements.
  • Usability trials and testing. Focusing on either the overall usability of a system or on specific parts, we can determine the usability issues most critical to user/customer acceptance. Allows fixes to be made before software release.


You have a design or a good idea for software enhancement, but need to get this across to your management, your sales and marketing team or trusted customers? Here are a couple of ways that we can help you:
  • Rapid prototypes. More than a slide show; prototypes can illustrate interactivity, demonstrate positive benefits and expose potential issues. They can also be used to test user acceptability and allow comparison with competitor products.
  • Technology and concept demonstrators. Concept Demonstrators take a prototyping approach to illustrate the contexts within which your proposed product or system might be used. A good demonstrator allows your key sponsors to appreciate fully the potential value of your ideas and help stimulate discussion and promote understanding, increasing the likelihood of you receiving the strategic backing you need.