We are very fortunate to work at The Elms. One of the reasons is due to the lovely gardens that surround the building. We have the opportunity to watch birds and squirrels frolic during the day with the occasional visit from a very friendly cat.

We have known for some time that the giant holes in the gardens appear to resemble a Badger Sett. Plus, no one has ever witnessed the Badgers in their natural nocturnal habitat at The Elms. However, a friend of one of the members of staff loves Badgers. Therefore, one evening in August a watch was conducted.

Good News! At around 22:30 the Brock of the Sett appeared and was very happy to munch on the peanuts and honey bread provided. Not long after he appeared another Badger braved the rainy night to feast too.

Since the Badger watch, a lot of natural disturbance has occurred around the holes leading us to believe the Badgers are very happy at The Elms. Therefore, another Badger watch will be scheduled in the autumn with the hope that our suspicions are founded that there is probably a family inhabiting the site.