Universities Safety and Health Association (USHA)

Human Applications is proud to be one of the Universities Safety and Health Association’s (USHA) trusted training providers, providing a suite of Health & Safety leadership training and support to internal Health & Safety teams for the UK’s Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). Human Applications brings a host of industry experience, having worked with more than 20 HEIs on issues including policy and risk assessment development, stress surveying, stress management, senior leader upskilling, and legislative interpretation.

The current suite comprises 3 courses aimed at different stakeholders:

  • Health, Safety and Wellbeing for Senior Leaders
  • Health, Safety and Wellbeing for Senior Managers
  • Support for Safety Professionals in Communication

A summary of the first 2 courses is available as an Adobe Acrobat Portable Document File (PDF), and can be downloaded using the link below.

USHA Senior Leaders and Senior Managers

USHA Health, Safety and Wellbeing for Senior Leaders


This Health, Safety & Wellbeing for Senior Leadership team session is developed in conjunction with USHA and tailored specifically for senior leaders of HEIs. Delivered workshop-style, it allows senior teams to understand their own roles and the institutions’ structures that deliver effective HSW management to their colleagues, as well as the challenges they face.

Aims & Objectives

Delegates will:

  • Gain a practical understanding of the main HSW accountabilities of senior leaders
  • Explore why people might behave in unexpected ways
  • Understand how to be actively curios about the HSW of colleagues
  • 3 hours
  • Background to HSW and how your HEI delivers effective HSW management
  • Your accountabilities
  • Behaviours and what drives them
  • Being actively curious

USHA Health, Safety and Wellbeing for Senior Managers


This Health, Safety and Wellbeing for Senior Managers session is tailored in conjunction with USHA for Senior Managers in HEIs. It provides delegates with an opportunity to explore in depth their role in the management of HSW and how they contribute to ensuring HSW is proportionately considered and managed in their part of the institution.

Aims & Objectives

Delegates will:

  • Explore their own role in HSW management
  • Explore what opportunities exist for improvement in HSW management
  • Explore how to plan to realise those opportunities
  • 6 hours (including breaks)
  • What are your legal responsibilities?
  • How to communicate effectively about risk
  • Why do things go wrong and why do accidents happen?
  • What drives the behaviours of colleagues?
  • How can you hold better conversations about HSW with colleagues?

USHA Support for Safety Professionals in Communication


This workshop is aimed at safety professionals in HEIs. It focuses on three areas:

  1. Report writing
  2. Making business cares
  3. Developing procedures

This course will be piloted in early 2024 and will go live thereafter.


  • 6 hours (including breaks)