Health & Safety Consultancy

Risk Management

Risk assessment has been a legal requirement for over 20 years. However, although many organisations produce risk assessments they are not used to maximise their impact. Risk management utilises risk assessments to prioritise and facilitate effective management of risks.

Our experience has shown us that the most effect risk assessment and management systems are those which are simple, but rigorous. Organisations should seek to optimise the number of assessments and ensure they are of high quality. Risk assessments should be used to drive the effective management of ALL risks.

Risk management is our speciality. At Human Applications we have a team of H&S and Risk Management experts with many years of practical experience ready to help with training and/or consultancy.

Health & Safety Management Systems

Is your H&S management system over-complicated or just not used? Then it is only a matter of time before something will go wrong.

An effective Health and Safety Management System (HSMS) should be readily accessible to every manager and employee, and provide guidance on who does what, when, where and how.

We have re-designed HSMSs for national and international organisations in both the private and public sectors, which has significantly improved the usability of the management system itself and subsequently the performance of H&S. We have a wealth of experience and a wealth of technical documentation which can be tailored to your organisation. Talk to us.

Accident Investigation and Expert Witness

When things go wrong, we are often called in either to conduct the investigation, or to verify that the investigation has been conducted thoroughly and that the right lessons have been learned.

No one wants to have to deal with a serious accident or even worse a fatality. We work with the organisation to review and improve the quality of accident reporting and investigation, and advise on potential liabilities and accountabilities.

As a leading edge consultancy our expert witness work in all our technical fields keeps us up to date with legal decisions and precedents in the field of H&S, to be able to advise our clients. Many of our consultants are involved in carrying out research into cases.

Contact us if you need help after a particular accident or for a particular case, or if you want a second opinion. However, you just maybe have identified that your organisation needs to carry out better quality investigations.

Problem Solving and Support

Are your Board and departmental managers on-board with H&S and understand what they should be doing and how? If not maybe we can help to put together an action plan and work with you to ensure implementation.

Business Continuity Management

No matter how well we plan and how good our managers are, sometimes things will go ‘wrong’. Therefore all organisations need to have emergency plans and contingencies to manage these events if they occur. We have worked with a number of organisations to improve their plans and best ways to implement and test them

Your premises and your people are your biggest and most important investment.  Over the last 20 years, research has continued to demonstrate that organisations that do not have plans in place to deal with failure fail.

We can help your organisation carry out a review of your current plans to assure that you have covered all contingencies and that these plans would work. Failure to plan is planning to fail. Call us to discuss further.