1-day Usability Healthcheck

Are your users suffering from poor IT Usability?

Do you hear a lot of complaints about your IT systems?

  • It takes too long to learn to use”
  • “It’s more complex than the old system”
  • “I work around the system to get the job done”
  • “Lots of keystrokes and screens to navigate”
  • “It’s a problem when I have a customer waiting on an answer”
  • “I can’t read the information on the screen very “easily”
None of these are unusual. But many point to usability problems that stop you getting the benefits you expected from your investment in IT.

Usability specialists at Human Applications can address the human issues and ensure that your IT systems meet your business needs, with better user acceptance.

What can I expect?

We will report on how you can improve your IT systems to:

  • Best support your business needs and your users
  • Identify mismatches between the IT systems and best working practices
  • Be efficient – in terms of keystrokes, navigation, response times, etc.
  • Provide a consistent and well-designed interaction
  • Make them easier to learn
  • Reduce costly user errors or health and safety issues

A perfect introduction: a 1-day Usability Healthcheck

Our experienced consultants conduct a 1-day usability audit of your website, software or product and provide you with a hotspot report.

This one day service can be used to:

  • Investigate user complaints about existing IT systems
  • Evaluate new or alternative design
  • Include ergonomics best practice for new IT systems

The hotspot report will:

  • Tell you why users have difficulties with your IT systems
  • Make practical recommendations and priorities for enhancements
  • Give you a cost effective way to get expert input into your IT designs