Ergonomics is an applied science that uses knowledge about how people work and think to improve human performance. Applying ergonomics ideas – from commissioning new equipment, through routine use to its final decommissioning – can help minimise the “people” problems in any project. Ergonomics methods consider the people themselves, the jobs they do, the tools they use and the environment they use them in, as well as asking the fundamental question: why are people doing the job this way?

There are lots of times when ergonomics might help you:

  • Where your people struggle to learn new techniques, processes or systems
  • Where you want to make your system, product or premises easier to use – more “user-friendly”
  • Where you need to improve inspection or detection rates, for instance in quality checking, security or fault finding roles
  • Where your customers fail to understand how to use your product or service – and that costs you support time
  • Where you have a concern about the potential for musculoskeletal disorders and how to improve design
  • When you want to bring multiple technologies together – by controlling several systems from one desktop

At Human Applications we are passionate about making a difference to your business through ergonomics.

Human Applications’ award-winning risk management programmes have always been based on an ergonomics model. Whilst each ergonomics intervention is different, we offer a multi-disciplinary approach to every work challenge that defines and offers solutions to weaknesses in systems.