Competitor Analysis

How does your product perform against the competition?

It is likely that your customers have a choice to make between your software product and one from a competitor. How will they choose?

  • Are you aware of what your competition is offering?
  • Are they better meeting the needs of customers?
  • Do you know what your strengths are?
If your product does not have that important feature, appears a little dated, or is more clunky or complex to use – then you may be losing out to your competitors.

Usability specialists at Human Applications evaluate your product against others in the market place. We highlight your usability strengths and weaknesses and make practical, prioritised recommendations to improve your IT solution.

What can I expect?

Our Competitor Analysis will review:

  • Content, features and design
  • Usability strengths and weaknesses
  • Efficiency – in terms of keystrokes, navigation, response times etc.
  • Consistency of design and interaction
  • How easy the product is to learn
  • Mismatches between your IT system and best working practice

We can highlight key opportunities to get your product ahead of the competition.

Do you know what customers and potential customers are saying?

Our experienced consultants can conduct interviews to find out what your customers and potential customers are saying about your product.
This service can be used to understand:

  • What usability features your customers value
  • What else customers really want to have
  • Strengths to highlight in marketing campaigns
  • Why a customer chose a competitor solution
  • Which usability improvements will help gain market share

This detailed analysis will:

  • Make practical recommendations and priorities for enhancements
  • Give you a cost effective way to get expert input into design enhancements